December 17, 2021. Please PMpost the titledescription you want for your build. . Build threads that consist of only a passive skill tree and gear will not be added to this list.

Path of exile marauder dual wield axe build

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For make your clear feels good it is highly important to stack AoE and inc elemental damage that will apply to the corpse explosion.

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Should I specialise in one weapon type (axes, say) or is it worth getting the axesword nodes and use a combination 2. His ascension presents him with three choices The Juggernaut is one of the most defensively powerful ascendancy classes.

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by Hannover1991;. httpswww. I want to do a Marauder that dual wield fire damage axes. If you want to try a more hand holding approach, then I suggest looking up a build guide to follow Melee Attack Builds - Ultimatum League - Path of Exile (poebuilds. The Marauder (known as Marauder of Ngamakanui from Nessa 's dialogue) is Path of Exile's pure strength class, which. hybrid meaning good survivability and decent enough damage to get to highest level.

The point was to make a melee character with strong DPS and even better survivability to be able to solo any content in Path of Exile.

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To my knowledge, the most common dual wield axe build is a Gladiator that focuses on the skill Lacerate and causes bleeds.

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